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Which Leadership Coaching Approach is Right for You?

by | Apr 11, 2023 | Leadership Tips

Coaching takes you from where you are to where you want (and need) to go. It takes you to new heights both professionally and personally–a ripple effect that will provide you and your team with a fresh start, greater creativity and increased energy. That is why 72% of companies in the United States offer some type of leadership coaching to improve employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention.1  However, there are many coaching formats-which leadership coaching approach is the right one for you or your team? Where do you get started? Let’s guide you through a variety of options and explore their purposes and capabilities. 

Individual Coaching

One-to-one coaching is beneficial for any leader or aspiring leader looking for in-depth support and personalized mentoring. If you are feeling overwhelmed by new responsibilities, frustrated with team dynamics, or just can’t get through to your colleagues, a 1:1 coach can help you transform your leadership approach. Your coach can tackle any topic specific to your leadership needs— your leadership blind spots, how to leverage your strengths, stress management, challenges in mindset, imposter syndrome, self-sabotaging habits or behaviors, team productivity and communication issues, leadership succession hang-ups, etc. One-to-one coaching typically offers monthly appointments with supplemental on-demand advice as needed. It is the most supportive model in terms of transformation and impact, and yet it also requires ongoing time commitments. If you are willing to prioritize this type of experience and remain accountable to your coach, you can really uplevel the way you approach your management, and perhaps, your life. 

Curious to find out how leadership coaching can help you and your leaders? Simply book your consult here.

Group Coaching

This model of coaching offers you the benefit of rich leadership development discussions alongside other leaders. Discussion materials are provided beforehand in preparation for your calls, and then your coach facilitates the group meeting with strategic advice for each topic. Group coaching typically serves a small group so that each participant has an opportunity to share their questions challenges, and ideas. Group coaching is a more cost-effective option and is often a preferred choice when a company wants to sponsor multiple individuals. It can be an engaging and stimulating way to gain wisdom and connections with people who have challenges in a similar context. 

Group Workshops

Workshops are a common and effective way for companies to improve employee engagement.2 Although they are less personalized and supportive in the long-run, workshops can also target issues with productivity, communication, and succession preparation in a cost-effective manner. Coaches provide curriculum and assessments so every participant can increase self-awareness, learn tools to help them improve, and become inspired with possibilities alongside their leaders and team. It’s a great springboard option for positive change, and follow-up workshops and evaluations can be requested to investigate long-term impact.

Hybrid Programs

Some programs offer participants the benefits of both individual and group models. Our IMPACT Leadership Program offers leaders both monthly individual coaching and bimonthly group coaching calls. This way they can gain personalized support and simultaneously gain feedback and guidance from other leaders. In addition, the IMPACT Program provides well-structured online learning content to support the individual and group coaching sessions that participants can refer to as often as needed. These multiple forms of support and inspiration can powerfully aid a leader or group of leaders throughout their leadership journey.

Depending on your company’s budget and ongoing needs, any of these coaching approaches to leadership development can be fruitful. Coaching approaches can be tailored to fit the needs of each leader and the overall team. An easy way to navigate and balance all of your teams’ wants and needs is to schedule a free consultation call with a coaching firm. If you are interested in Peridot Circle’s program options for yourself or on behalf of your organization, you can book a call here.

Curious to find out how leadership coaching can help you and your leaders? Simply book your consult here.


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