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Unlocking Your Leadership Potential: The Power of Purpose-Driven Leadership [VIDEO]

by | Sep 12, 2023 | Case Studies, Leadership Strategy

Cultivating a “Why” That Will Inspire You and Your Team

Purpose-driven leaders (like you) inspire and motivate their teams, creating a shared vision that drives everyone towards a common goal.

If you are invested in growing your career you may be asking yourself:

  • How do I know if my “why” is compelling enough for me and my team?
  • How can I find the time to discover my purpose in my fast-paced, ever-changing workplace?
  • How does having a compelling vision for me and my team make a real difference in getting the work done?

If these questions have crossed your mind, you’ll love today’s topic.

In case this is the first time we’ve met… My name is Janet Taggart. I’m a co-owner and principal consultant specializing in Personal Leadership Brand strategy and I love helping leaders in growth-oriented companies succeed in dynamic and complex environments.

When your Personal Leadership Brand transcends simply stating your job title and how you accomplish your work, and is infused with purpose, it becomes your North Star. This “star” becomes an inner-compass, guiding you on your leadership journey.

Today, we will be discussing Purpose-Driven Leadership, the importance of aligning your actions for effective outcomes, and how your Personal Leadership Brand is instrumental in achieving it.

What we’ve found is that…

When we lead with purpose, we activate a powerful force within ourselves and our teams. A clear sense of purpose gives our actions meaning and direction, enabling us to navigate challenges with resilience and determination.


How can you better align your actions with your purpose? Watch the video below to see an example of how a clear “why” can help teams become more effective.

What You’ll Learn From Today’s Video on Purpose-Driven Leadership:

  • [01:11] Hear the parable that underscores the three ways in which a person can view their purpose.
  • [3:33] What does it look like to be a purpose-driven leader?
  • [6:00] The power of having your core values shape your leadership style.

As you develop an authentic Personal Leadership Brand, you’ll become energized as you aspire to live your purpose. Your “why” will help you feel stable and grounded as you navigate the challenges of leadership.

When you understand the values that are most important to you, you can make decisions that are aligned with who you genuinely are.


Empower Yourself and Your Team With Purpose-Driven Leadership

Your core values are the foundation of purpose-driven leadership. When you understand the values that are most important to you, you can make decisions that are aligned with who genuinely are. Your values shape your leadership style and influence how you interact with others. What follows is an environment of trust and authenticity, which in turn helps your team to thrive.

A purpose-driven Personal Leadership Brand is the true essence of your leadership identity. It defines who you are as a leader and what you stand for. By embracing an authentic purpose-driven brand, you’ll attract like-minded individuals who share your vision and values. A purpose-driven brand will set the stage for you to achieve impactful outcomes, leaving a lasting legacy in your organization and beyond.

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