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004 Unlocking Potential: Natalie Atwood on Transforming Workplace Culture

by | Apr 2, 2024 | Leadership Strategy

In a recent interview, visionary people leader, Natalie Atwood articulated her personal leadership philosophy that has empowered both her personal leadership journey and transformational growth for the next generation of aspiring leaders. Her insights provide a pathway for how to create a workplace culture that is empowering and inviting.

From the very beginning of her career, Natalie adhered to two powerful principles. First, you need to believe in yourself if you want others to believe in you. And second, by building respectful, trust-filled relationships, you can accelerate progress for yourself and your organization. These beliefs resulted in her making critical decisions in terms of possibilities and outcomes. 

You Can Experience Breakthroughs from Limiting Beliefs and Circumstances

Natalie’s belief in herself allowed her to quiet anxieties that typically plagued other aspiring leaders. For example, when the official management message was that employees should expect no merit increases nor promotions during a difficult financial year, Natalie would comprehend the context for that message, but in her own mind she would add the caveat, “but that won’t be true for me.” She decided that regardless of circumstantial challenges, she would always find a way to provide extraordinary value that would result in opportunities to learn, grow, and become better compensated. 

Natalie’s self-belief is fascinating because it does not come from a place of arrogance or self-absorption. Rather, its source is a focused earnestness and recognition that even in the worst of times, opportunities exist. Seizing those opportunities is possible for those who achieve breakthrough results. This is accomplished by understanding the organizational pain points and creating solutions that alleviate them, which segues perfectly into Natalie’s second principle, to focus on relationships.

As You Cultivate Genuine Relationships, You’ll Elevate Workplace Culture

By developing respectful, trusted relationships with her own leaders, Natalie discovered key areas on which to focus her energy. As she emphasized solid peer relationships, she could collaborate and gain traction on solutions. Through listening and valuing feedback from individual contributors, she could readily gain input from those closest to the problematic issue.

After decades of navigating a non-linear career trajectory, Natalie stands by these principles, and illustrates their effectiveness in surfacing compelling career opportunities. And in addition to these two fundamental principles, Natalie reveals other keys to leadership success and establishing a workplace culture where everyone can thrive. She discusses effective delegation, the critical nature of mentoring, and mindset breakthroughs catalyzed by her approach to the coaching and mentoring she has personally received throughout her career. She also discusses succession planning and how to facilitate leadership transformation for high potentials.

We hope you tune in to experience the thoughtful, practical, inspired point of view of one of today’s most transformational people leaders.

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About Our Guest

Natalie Atwood is the Chief Human Resources Officer at bswift. With more than 15 years of executive leadership experience in human resources at high-growth, top-performing, preferred employers such as bswift, Health Equity, and Breeze Airways, she is at the top of her field. Natalie was named one of Utah’s Top HR Professionals by Utah Business magazine in 2020, and recently received bswift’s inaugural WIN Excellence in Leadership Award. Natalie continues to achieve impressive results with her successful approaches to attracting, developing, and retaining top talent in a competitive market.

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