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The Surprising and Everyday Pitfalls That Get in the Way of Authentic Leadership [VIDEO]

by | Aug 29, 2023 | Case Studies, Leadership Strategy

Why Do Some Leaders Hold Themselves Back?

Authenticity is the heart of effective leadership and the key to optimizing results—so why do even deeply committed and highly effective individuals hold themselves back? Let’s examine what gets in the way of authentic leadership: perfectionism1, Imposter Syndrome2, and not recognizing or implementing your Personal Leadership Brand.

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • What can I do to feel more confident at work?
  • How can I prevent myself from being or becoming a micromanager?
  • How can I overcome feelings of perfectionism and self-doubt?

If you have, today’s video is for you!

In case this is the first time we’ve met… My name is Janet Taggart. I’m a co-owner and principal consultant specializing in Personal Leadership Brand strategy and I love helping leaders in growth-oriented companies succeed in dynamic and complex environments.

What we know is…

True authenticity is the key to optimizing results and fostering impactful leadership.


Watch the video to see how to overcome the common workplace challenges that stop authenticity.

Here’s What You’ll Learn from Today’s Video About the Pitfalls that Get in the Way of Authentic Leadership:

[2:00] The root cause of perfectionism and the mindset needed for overcoming it.

[3:05] The two traps that halt leadership growth.

[3:46] How embracing your true self, accepting your imperfections, and recognizing your areas for growth can lead to opportunities.

[4:08] How to show vulnerability and authenticity in a way that causes others to feel confident in your abilities, creating a safe space for your team to do the same.

“By acknowledging our growth areas optimistically, we encourage a culture of continuous improvement and support, leading to a more resilient and connected team.”


Authentic Leadership Empowers the Next Generation of Leaders

As leaders, we have the privilege and responsibility to empower others to lead authentically. Think about how you’re holding yourself back, the facades that may be keeping you or your team stuck, and how authenticity could be a game-changer for you. 

By creating an environment where team members feel safe to be themselves, you’ll unleash their true potential. When you encourage them to embrace their Personal Leadership Brand, accept their imperfections, and recognize their growth opportunities they become more self-confident, innovative, and willing to take ownership of their roles.

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