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009 Taking Personal Responsibility and Cultivating an Attitude of Extreme Accountability

by | Jul 9, 2024 | Leadership Tips

Empowering autonomy in your teams by applying lessons learned from more than four decades of leadership experience.

Today we have the privilege of speaking with David Berg, founder of the Association for Information Management’s Leadership Development Institute. David Berg started his career as a US Navy Flight Officer, eventually transitioning to business and technology where he worked for more than 25 years as a Chief Information Officer for high-tech companies like IBM, Unisys, and Sun Microsystems.

Known for his leadership ability as well as his technical expertise (especially in global internet social systems), David’s path took him from computer test tech one to Chief Information Officer over the course of just 18 years at IBM. Upon retirement about 18 years ago, David leveraged his passion for coaching, training, and empowering the next generation of leaders by creating the Leadership Development Institute, a leadership training program for technology professionals and executives.

To date, LDI programs have engaged, inspired, and transformed more than 1,200 technology professionals from more than 115 companies.

Drawing upon greater than four decades of leadership experience, Dave articulates his own leadership philosophy about how radical personal responsibility and a solutions-focused attitude can shape both your career and the experience you create for your teams. 

If you sometimes feel frustrated when team members don’t take initiative or try to blame others for lack of progress, or even if you feel a bit stuck in your own career progression, our conversation about personal responsibility and attitude will illuminate the power of purposefully shifting your paradigms. You’ll find relevant insights that are clear, and immediately actionable. By adapting your attitude and behavior, you can become a magnet for opportunities and ultimately the stand-out leader you aspire to be.

Today we’ll talk about…

  • [00:03:52]: David’s advice for how to get noticed and recognized as a high performer, plus the two life principles he lives by
  • [00:10:06]: What his own career journey looked like—his turning point from a focus on problems to a focus on people—and when he realized that his promotions allowed him to learn more, do more of the work he loved, and to help others shine for their knowledge and contributions. And, the pay wasn’t bad either
  • [00:18:25]: The importance of personal responsibility and extreme accountability and how these can serve you in both your life and at work
  • [00:25:02]: A big realization David had about emotional intelligence and the role it plays in a person’s success
  • [00:29:40]: What he says are the two real enemies that can hurt an employee and why understanding these enemies is a key to your success
  • [00:33:23]: David’s commitment to the next generation of talented IT professionals and the work he is now doing to ensure their success

Tune in if you’d like to bring a more independent and determined presence to your work—and if you’d like to become a real stand-out in your environment.

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