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Leadership coaching and development programs for fast-growing, tech-savvy organizations

Develop Leaders at Every Level

Boost Productivity & Effectiveness

Ensure Leadership Succession

Does Your Company Have the Leadership Pipeline It Needs to Thrive?

Without leadership coaching and development, it’s going to cost your organization…

Are leadership capabilities falling behind organizational growth?

Do your emerging leaders feel they need to leave for career growth?
Are functional managers unsure how to become business leaders?
Are your high potentials unsure about their career path?
Are your high-achievers missing key leadership skills?
Does interpersonal conflict get in the way of team productivity?

Are you wasting valuable time with underperformers?

These challenges are sabotaging the productivity and effectiveness of so many organizations. It’s time to fix the problem at the source. We’re here to empower leadership transformation in your organization so it can perform at its highest level!

Transform Your Organization Into a Leadership-Driven Productive Powerhouse

Develop Leaders at Every Level

We help your new employees, emerging leaders, and established leaders unlock their potential to become known for their highest value.

Boost Productivity and Effectiveness

We coach your leaders to foster productive, mutually supportive, cross-organizational relationships.

Get Practical Results Fast

We engage every aspiring leader on their unique journey and fuel their transformation using proven strategies that get results in months (not years).

At PCC, we empower leadership transformation for your organization by helping your team members increase their professional impact, career opportunities, and personal fulfillment without sacrificing their authenticity and integrity.

We’re Focused on Results

We understand how tough it is to develop leaders in your organization. Over the past decade as we’ve coached more than 2,000 clients, we’ve empowered small, mid-size, and large companies to experience growth through leadership transformation. 15 out of 16 emerging leaders who participated in a recent workshop got promoted within 6 months. 

We’ve worked with some of the top professionals in Utah and a dynamic variety of tech-enabled companies around the globe. Let us help you transform your organization into a leadership-driven productive powerhouse.

Stories of Transformation

“Working with Janet has been more informative and insightful than reading one thousand books. She has helped me focus on the most vital behaviors relevant to me and my situation. Our work together has made me a more effective communicator, team member, and servant leader.
Alex Lutz

DevOps Manager, Homie

“Janet’s dynamic presentation on Personal Leadership Branding was life-changing. I came away empowered both personally and professionally. I have been truly inspired and changed for the better.

Julie Hall Duersch

IT Manager, Utah State University IT Department

“I was lucky to receive leadership development and training with Linda at a pivotal point in my corporate career. Not only did she help me understand and navigate some of the leadership responsibilities I had in new and better ways, but she connected with me at an individual level. She helped me recognize possibilities and potential in myself.

Lindsey Henry, MBA

Senior Manager, Western Governors University

Customized Programs for Every Leadership Level

Leadership Acceleration Program

We help your aspiring leaders accelerate their careers by transcending mid-level management to upper management.

Leadership Elevation Program

We coach your established leaders one-on-one to elevate their leadership skills with proven methods for rapid results.

IMPACT ® Leadership Program

We coach your leaders and aspiring leaders to build their personal brand using cutting edge, research-based strategies.

Leadership Succession Readiness

We prepare your organization’s successors to fill future critical roles so you can leverage a deeper pool of leadership talent.

Get Results From the Start

1. Book Your Consult

We’ll discuss your leadership goals, create a plan, and explain how we work together to meet your goals.

2. Benefit From Our Coaching

Our world-class training will take the leadership of your team or organization to the next level. 

3. Transform Your Organization

Develop leaders at every level, accelerate your employees’ career opportunities, and achieve rapid results.