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001 Communicating Up: How to Inspire Greater Confidence From Your Boss

by | Jan 30, 2024 | Case Studies, Leadership Strategy

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

  • The importance of communicating up—effectively communicating and collaborating between you and your leader—cannot be overstated. When challenges and concerns (even when presented with solutions) dominate your conversations, your boss will likely have an incomplete story and a skewed perception of your work.

  • Have you ever been surprised by your boss’s feedback about your performance? When your boss doesn’t see your value and potential, it can be confusing, frustrating, and, at times, demoralizing—especially when you think you have a “good” working relationship and communicate openly with your boss.

  • You may have noticed that your boss sometimes sees your progress differently than you see it. It’s important to explore how these differences are not just setbacks, but crucial growth opportunities.

  • By identifying the gaps in your perception and that of your boss, and establishing a middle ground between you, you’ll create a more harmonious relationship—one where your vision aligns seamlessly and trust is established. This type of relationship will pave the way for your career advancement.

  • You may think that finding the delicate balance between your perspective and that of your boss is too hard to do consistently, but we’re here to help you know it is possible if you focus on one thing.

In our latest podcast episode, we dive into “communicating up” effectively. These strategies will ensure that you can lead your team to success while also aligning with your leader’s expectations. Tune in now.

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“It’s up to us to figure out where the intersection is that creates a gap between what we think we’re providing to our leader and what our leader needs to see from us.”


Check Out These Highlights:

  • [00:00:56]: Caught off guard by feedback from your boss? What you should do next…

  • [00:01:26]: Are you too much of a “problem-solver”?

  • [00:03:06]: Bridging the perception gap: the art of seeing eye-to-eye with your leader.

  • [00:04:56]: What’s the blueprint for communicating successes and project status with your leader?

  • [00:05:02]: Speak your boss’s language. How finding the ‘Middle Path’ will help you do it.

  • [00:06:28]: Navigate any situation with your boss by mastering this one thing…

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